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2 Kings 17 – The Exile

At the end of the 300-year period of the Divided Kingdom, Israel and Judah have not repented. God brings in the Assyrians and the Babylonians who take the people of Israel and Judah into exile.

Most of the people end up as slaves in the area around Ur and Babel from where God called Abraham – some flee and end up as slaves in Egypt – once again the great un-creating judgment sin brings. It is as if the Exodus and God’s calling Abraham had never happened.

Just as God’s people, Adam and Eve, had been brought into the garden-land of Eden – sinned and then been exiled from God’s presence

So now God’s people, Israel, having been brought into the garden-land of Canaan – have sinned and been exiled from God’s presence.

The LORD had warned Israel and Judah by every prophet calling them to turn from their evil ways, but they had not listened but remained stubborn. They went after false idols and became false themselves. They had originally wanted a king like the nations but most of their kings from had led them in following the nations in ways the LORD had commanded them that they should not do like them. Therefore, the LORD was very angry with Israel and Judah and cast them out of his sight.

The book of 1 and 2 Kings started with the people of Israel as many as the sand of the sea, eating, drink and being happy. The son of David ruled the kingdom, built a temple, and taught God’s people wisdom. By the end of 2 Kings, the temple is destroyed, the kingdom is no more, the people exiled, the Exodus is undone, the call of Abraham is undone, Babel seems supreme over Jerusalem, there is no Eden restored – and the last son of David is a slave in the palace of a pagan king upon whom he is dependent for food he eats and his drink – and Israel is not happy.

Sin is never a good idea nor is being stubborn nor refusing to listen. Sin is dumb and brings a terrible judgment of un-creation. At this point in the story, one wonders how Eden can possibly be restored – but God is faithful.