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2 Samuel 7 – Promises to David

In 2 Samuel 7 David desires to build a house for God (a palace/temple). God’s response is that He will build a house for David (a dynasty). God makes several promises to David which are usually called the Davidic covenant. The Davidic covenant builds upon the Abrahamic covenant and the Mosaic covenant.

In 2 Samuel 7:9-11 God promises to give to David “a great name” – just as he had promised to Abraham. The LORD promises David that he will raise up a son for David. This son will rule a kingdom that will last forever and will build a temple for God so that he will dwell amongst God’s people.

It is not hard to see how these promises made to David relate to the promises made to Abraham.

God had committed himself working through the people of Abraham and now the focus is on a son of David.

God had promised Abraham a land and now that land is being defined as an eternal kingdom.

God had promised Abraham the blessing of his presence and now that is focused on a temple.

Initially these promises are realized in David’s son, Solomon, who rules the kingdom and builds a temple in Jerusalem. But ultimately Solomon disappoints – another greater son of David is needed. It is no surprise to us that this is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. When Jesus in the gospels is called ‘the Son of David’ it points to him as the one who will rule an eternal kingdom and build a temple causing God’s presence to dwell with us. When Jesus comes, he speaks of the kingdom of God being present – an everlasting kingdom that is greater than the land of Judea. Jesus builds a temple not of bricks and mortar but a living temple where God dwells in his corporate people by means of his Spirit.

The paragraph above teaches us that while the promises to Abraham are narrowed to David’s son, but the fulfillment is expanded beyond one land and a physical building – but this is getting ahead of our story.