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Acts 3:1-10 – The significance of the raising of a lame man

Peter and John heal a lame man at the temple. He is healed in the name and power of Jesus. From laying in the dust (like a dead man), he is raised onto his feet (like a resurrection). His feet and ankles were made strong and he “walks, leaps and praises God”.

The language recalls Isaiah 35. In Isaiah 35 weak hands are strengthened, feeble knees made firm, anxious hearts reassured with God acting to save. Including in the beneficiaries are the lame who leap like a deer. The result of God’s saving power is that the lame can now walk along the Way of the redeemed with everlasting joy and gladness. In fact, creation is restored to Eden-like glory and death itself is done away with.

Luke’s description of the healing of the lame man by Jesus’ apostles implies that the final restoration of all things can be discovered in the good news that they proclaim about Jesus.

Isaiah 35 is a crucial passage for understanding why miracles were done and what they pointed toward. Much personal edification will occur if this chapter is read and meditate on.