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Acts 9:17-19 – Saul becomes a Christian

Ananias, as an obedient prophet, speaks the Lord’s word to Saul. He indicates to Saul that he has been sent by the Lord Jesus who appeared to you on the road. Ananias lays hands on Saul that he might regain his sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. This occurs as assign to show that Saul’s former spiritual darkness and ignorant blindness has been replaced with spiritual sight through Jesus’ power. In response to regeneration and restored sight, Saul is baptized signifying repentance, faith, and union with Christ. Now in a restored relationship with God, Saul’s distress (signified in his not eating or drinking) is replaced by eating food (no longer distressed) and he is strengthened presumably both physically and spiritually.

Thank the Lord that our mourning (no food) has been replaced with joy (food). The distress of being on the wrong side of the Lord is now replaced with our being his servants.