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Amos 9:11-15 – Hope for the fallen booth of David

The last word in the book of Amos promises hope. The house of David was intended to be the means by which righteousness and blessing would be experienced by the people of God – and the means by which they would be saved from all their enemies. The once powerful house/dynasty of David has been reduced to a booth or a temporary shelter thrown up in a field. The house of David is fallen, ruined and in need of repair.

The good news is that God himself will rebuild the house of David. When he does so the house of David will rule the remnant of Edom and all the nations who are called by my name. The fulfilment of this is when God re-established the house of David n the person of David’s greater son, Jesus. With Jesus, the kingdom of God is restored. He reigns not only=y over Israel but all nations and a remnant from all nations are saved and called by his name i.e. Christians. The only hope following a Day of the LORD is the restoration brought in by the Son of David for all nations.

Amos concludes by reflecting on what this future will be like. It will be a time of peace – planted in the land and never to be uprooted. A times of flourishing and joy – described in terms of an abundance of growth and food and of mountains dripping and flowing with wine (wine being a symbol of life and joy). God’s people will experience life in gardens of Eden. When is this fulfilled? The booth of David (the kingdom) was restored at the first coming of Jesus (his death, resurrection and exaltation). The future life described above will occur at the second coming of Jesus – in the creation of a new heaven and new earth characterized by the making of many gardens of Eden.

Amos concludes with the problem of sin and the wrathful Day of the LORD resolved and a bright future that all the nations called by his name will enjoy in the new earth.