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Do not be anxious rather make a right judgment – Luke 12:22-34

Continuing the idea of storing up treasure motivated by the anxiety of life, Jesus continues teaching on the topic. Disciples will not be anxious about their soul (life) e.g. what they will eat and wear. If God cares for the flowers and grass then he will look after us.

In this periscope we turn from God’s judicial acts to needing ourselves to make a right judgment.

We are not to seek after food and drink rather we are to seek after his kingdom. If we do so then food, drink and clothes will be provided by our Father. Not only that but he will also give us the kingdom itself. Thus, once again, mindful of the judgment of God, we give generously to those in need (contra the rich man in the previous parable) and seek to gain treasure that is in heaven that does not fail, nor can be stolen nor decays.

Anxiety comes from living by sight and seeking treasure that can be lost. Jesus’ disciples are living by faith, seeking a treasure presently unseen. Where are treasure is there also our heart will be creating either anxiety or confident trust.