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Failed Discipleship

Luke 9:37-45

At the beginning of chapter 9, Jesus had given the twelve power to drive out demons. While Jesus and three of the disciples had been on the mount, the other disciples had failed to drive out a demon from a father’s only son. Their failure to do what they previously had done was, as with their failure to feed the five thousand, evidence of a lack of faith and understanding of who Jesus is and relying on him. We forget to our own peril.

Once again, such a failure requires further revelation from Jesus about himself. For a second time Jesus predicts his passion – his suffering; “The Son of Man is about to be delivered into the hands of men.” Sadly, this is still not understood. Luke says this was because it was concealed from them. God is sovereign in both concealing and revealing truth. By the grace of God, the eyes of the disciples were to be opened following Jesus resurrection – and consequently we neither are in the darkness. Let us live by faith in the knowledge and power of God, that being like him, we might participate on his mission.