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God has Visited His People (2)

Luke 8:40-56

The story of Jesus healing the woman with bleeding and raising Jairus’ daughter has points of contact with the previous stories in Luke 7-8. As Jesus was called to the house of a Roman centurion to heal his servant so now, he is called to the house of a Jewish elder to heal his daughter. As Jesus spoke a word to raise the widow of Nain’s son so now, he speaks a word to raise Jairus’ daughter. As Jesus told the sinful woman “Your faith has saved you” so now he speaks the same words to the woman with bleeding.

In this story the twelve-year-old girl is told by Jesus “arise” and by doing so Jesus raises the death. Clearly Jesus is God because he exercises God’s prerogatives in raising the dead.

Curiously, the story of the twelve-year-old girl’s being raised from the dead is interrupted in the middle by the healing of the woman with bleeding. The two stories are connected in the following ways. First, as stated, the woman’s story interrupts the Jairus story. Second, the girl is twelve years old and the woman had had bleeding for twelve years. Third, the girl is Jairus’ daughter and Jesus refers to the woman with bleeding as ‘daughter’. The point of interweaving the two healings is as follows. One healing tells us that Jesus raises the dead. The other story tells us that it is by faith in the person of Jesus, demonstrated by the woman with bleeding, that one experiences resurrection. Jesus raises the death who put their faith in him.