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Haggai 1:12-15 – Obeying and being stirred up

Zerubbabel the governor, Joshua the high priest and all the remnant having heard Yahweh’s word spoken by Haggai respond by obeying and fearing Yahweh. Obedience is the only appropriate response to God’s command and fearing is an appropriate response to the sovereignty and majesty of God.

God responds to their obedience by saying that he would be with them in the task he had given them to do i.e. rebuild the temple.

Another outcome is that Yahweh stirs up the spirit of Zerubbabel, the spirit of Joshua and the spirit of the whole remnant. The result of this stirring up of their spirits is that they come together and work on the rebuilding of the temple.

This passage is a good summary of how God works in our lives – he speaks, we respond in obedience and awe, he promises to be with us to enable us to do what he commands and he stirs up our spirits so that we might work according to his purpose for us.