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Haggai 2:20-23 – The restoration of Zerubbabel

Haggai again refers to the shaking of the heavens and earth. This is a way of saying that God is going to overthrow human power – thrones, chariots, and horses.

In the book of Jeremiah God had compared Zerubbabel’s grandfather, King Jehoiachin, to signet ring that God would take off his finger and cast way. Now Yahweh says that he will take his chosen servant Zerubbabel and make him like a signet ring – in other words the line of David is being restored. To be a signet ring on God’s hand is to be a person through whom God expresses his kingly rule.

This may be a prophecy of that Zerubbabel’s great-great-grandson, Jesus, through whom the Davidic rule of God is expressed. It may also refer to Zerubbabel himself as sharing in God’s rule in the new heavens and earth once the old age human power has been overthrown.

Haggai began with the question of whether God’s rule expressed in the temple restoration would come about. Haggai ends with God pronouncing the restoration of Davidic rule realized in God’s decree.

What is true of Zerubbabel and Jesus in the new creation is also true of those united with Christ in the new heavens and earth.