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Hosea 14:1-9 – The LORD is like the morning dew

Returning to the LORD involves words

1. Take away our iniquity – all of it

2. Accept the vows we have made with our lips – our lives promised and given

3. We reject human resources – Assyria not-he will save us; not-we will ride on horses; not we will say, ‘Our God’ to our idols.

4. We affirm that it is in the LORD alone that vulnerable orphans like ourselves find compassion

Israel’s turning to the LORD is met by the LORD’s turning from his judgment. He will heal Israel’s turning away. He will love them freely and turn from his wrath.

Again, Hosea highlights God as the life-giver. He will be like dew for Israel. Israel will have life like a lily blossoming, stability like a tree, branches that spread out possessing the earth, beauty like an olive tree and the pleasing small of Lebanon.

The lesson of Hosea’s prophecy is that there is a huge difference between the idols that Israel has committed adultery/idolatry with and the faithful LORD who gives them abundant and fruitful life.

A wise person will understand Hosea’s images and parables. He or she will discern that the ways of the LORD are right and that it is best to walk in God’s ways because transgressors stumble in them.