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Jesus and effectual calling

A man has a withered hand that he is unable to stretch out. And yet this is exactly what Jesus call him to do.

Jesus’ authority and the power of his word is such that when he calls for something, he enables that which he calls for. One recalls how Jesus called for dead Lazarus to rise out of the tomb and in his calling, he enabled Lazarus to live. One recalls how God said, “Let there be light” – and the called for light was created. One recalls how when Jesus calls his sheep, they hear his voice and they come – where there was no faith, Jesus’ call creates the faith and repentance that he calls for.

Jesus’ calling is effectual in the sense that his word does not return to him empty but always achieves his purpose by his enabling. Hence the man who cannot stretch out his hand is called to stretch it out – and is enabled to do so.

Thanks be to God the Son who forgives sin, makes acceptable to God, raises the dead, bring the joy of the consummation of God’s purposes, is Lord of the Sabbath and is effectual in his calling.