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Jesus and the Sabbath

The religious leaders object to Jesus’ disciples on the ground that they break the Sabbath. They say this because in hunger as they walk through the grain fields, the pluck some heads of grain (harvesting) and rub the husks off in their hands (threshing). Jesus responds by saying: “Lord of the Sabbath, the son of man is.”

That Jesus critiques the Sabbath views of the religious leaders does not mean that he dismisses the Sabbath. If he is Lord of the Sabbath then the day belongs to him. According to Jesus, the Sabbath was made as a day of rest for our benefit. It is a day that can be utilized to do acts of mercy for others (as modelled by Jesus himself). Later the Lord of the Sabbath rises from the dead early Sunday morning – a day which becomes known as the Lord’s Day upon which Christians gather together to worship God.

Do we follow the Lord of the Sabbath and value his day – given to us by grace that we might rest, act in mercy toward others and gather to hear God’s word together?