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Loving Enemies

It is hard to love your enemy. It is only possible by means of the Spirit, the word and prayer – that is, not by utilizing our own strength or resources. If by sight we look at the harm our enemy causes us we will be frustrated, anxious, grieved and from such a place unable to love.

Instead we must live by faith. Faith considers the harm and difficulty caused by our enemies as an act of God’s providence. It looks beyond the human causes of our pain (our enemies) and looks above them to God who in providence has brought difficulty into our lives. He is loving and good and while our enemies mean to harm us through these circumstances, God means these providences for our good and our being conformed to the likeness of Jesus. From the viewpoint of faith, these difficulties, are sanctified for God’s use in our lives and our grief, anxiety and frustration is abated. Being freed from these things we are now able to love our enemies because their actions have become less grievous to us.

Faith also takes hold of the word of God. In Luke 6:35 obedience in loving one’s enemies results in our reward being great in heaven. Jesus calls us to be merciful, reflecting the family likeness of our Father. Thus, loving one’s enemies is an opportunity to demonstrate, and be assured, that we are sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil. Faith is what enables a person to love enemies.