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Luke 13:23-30 – The Narrow Door that will be shut

Jesus speaks of striving to enter the narrow door of the kingdom. The sense is striving like an athlete or in combat like a warrior. Shockingly the door to the kingdom will not always be open – the master of the kingdom will himself shut the door at some point. At that time Jesus’ contemporaries will request entrance by virtue of their having been in proximity to Jesus’ ministry but will find that they are disowned by him. We like to think that the door is always open but this is not correct. While it is true that sometimes the Lord has the door open to a person’s final hour, this is not always the case. Sometimes the door is closed as a judicial act to a person’s repeated hardening of their heart. So while the Lord may keep the door open, he might also shut the door. Not knowing which or when he will do what he will do, exhorts us that should we hear his voice today then we must repent and put our faith in him … today!

The tragic outcome will be exclusion – they will be cast out of the feast in the kingdom of God. They will see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God but they will experience only weeping and gnashing of teeth. Surprisingly, and joyfully, while Jesus’ contemporaries may be excluded, people from all nations – from east and west, and from north and south – will recline at the feast. We may be counted in that number and that is a cause for our present joy as we by faith anticipate the result of our having entered the narrow door – our participation in the feast!