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Luke 1:57-80 – The Birth of John the Baptist

Finally, Elizabeth gives birth to John the Baptizer. Zechariah now acts in faith by naming his son, John the name Gabriel had given to him nine months earlier. In doing so he demonstrates that he believes what Gabriel had said about John being the forerunner of God’s coming. The result of this is God gracious heals Zechariah’s deafness and muteness – And immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, blessing God.

Zechariah’s song covers the following themes:

  • God has visited and redeemed his people – Exodus type language
  • God has raised up a horn of salvation in the house of David – in other words raised up Jesus to be a powerful savior like David
  • God has remembered his covenant – God is now acting out what he promised to Abraham
  • God will save from our enemies so that God’s people can worship him in holiness and righteousness
  • John will be called the prophet of the Most High and prepare the way for God’s coming
  • God’s people are about to be given knowledge of salvation, forgiveness of sins, the tender mercy of our God, and a light shining in the darkness of the shadow of death that will guide one’s feet in the way of peace.