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Micah 1:1-6; 2:12-13 – The God who treads mountains

Amos had spoken of a day of the LORD in which he would judge Israel. Obadiah taught that the Lord Yahweh would demonstrate his sovereignty, not only over Israel but also the nations, by judging Edom. Jonah had desired that this theology be applied to Nineveh but in Jonah God showed that he was also willing to express his sovereignty in mercy and compassion. Micah shows that what God did for Nineveh in Jonah he was also willing to do for Israel.

Micah begins with an announcement of judgement on Israel even as Jonah had announced judgment on Nineveh. The Lord Yahweh comes out from his heavenly temple and treads upon the mountains which melt under his feet – he comes to judge his people. The reason for this is the idolatrous rebellion and social wrongdoings of his people.

In Micah 2:6 Israel says to their prophets: “Do not preach judgment”. The preaching they want to hear is of wine and strong drink as they delude themselves of being under God’s blessing. Micah predicts judgment and exile.

Nevertheless, in Micah 2:12-13 we get our first glimpse of the mercy and compassion that Jonah spoke of and that is Micah’s theme. God portrays himself as a good shepherd. He will regather his people like the sheep of a fold. He will lead them like a shepherd opens a breach in order that his sheep may follow him out of the gate to good pasture. He leads them as a shepherd-king. This theme will be expanded upon through Micah.

We thank God that he is the Lord Yahweh, that he exercises his sovereignty in mercy as well as judgment, that we desire the true word of God rather than reject it, that he is our shepherd-king and gathers his people from all nations into his church – including us.