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Micah 6:1-16 – What God desires

This passage contains the most famous verses (6-8) in the book of Micah. It begins with God recounting his past deeds of salvation toward Israel – repeatedly the LORD has acted in grace and kindness toward Israel. The prophet then asks what offering should be presented when a person comes into God’s presence. Is he pleased simply with the prescribed burnt offerings of calves and rams? Is he pleased with these offerings being accompanied with over the top amounts of olive oil? Or should people come before the LORD with the extravagance of offering their firstborn sons?

What God truly desires is that people do what is good – and what is good is defined in the passage. To do good is to act in justice toward others, to faithfully live out covenant relationships and to walk humbly before God – seems clear!

It is interesting that acting in justice and faithfulness to covenant relationships is how God acts in mercy and compassion. In other words, what God desires of us is that we live out the character of God that he has displayed toward us!