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Prayer aligns our lives with God’s will

Luke 11:1-13

Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray by giving them what we call ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. In Luke’s gospel it is in a shortened form, but the main idea is to align our will and needs with God’s agenda (name, kingdom) and his provision (bread, forgiveness, deliverance).

This then leads Jesus into two parables that illustrate the wisdom of praying. The first is of a man who asks his friend and neighbour at midnight for bread due to the unexpected arrival of a visitor. While the neighbour is disinclined to get out of bed to respond to the request, he nevertheless does so because of the petitioner’s impudence and confidence that he will do so. Jesus suggests that we ought to emulate this impudence because more so that the reluctant neighbour God will respond. It seems a mystery that God so responds.

This leads to a second parable. If a father is asked by a son for a fish/egg, then the father will not give his son a serpent/scorpion. How much more so is God as our heavenly Father inclined to give us good things. Luke has Jesus state the ultimate good as the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer aligns our lives with God’s will. We are encouraged to be impudent because God is our father who is inclined to give us his Spirit who further aligns us with God’s will.