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The Lord of the harvest

Luke 10:1-9

Having previously sent out the twelve on mission, Jesus now sends out seventy-two others. His reference to the harvest being plentiful is the source of our speaking of “the mission field”. Who is the Lord of the harvest? The Father? The Son? The Holy Spirit?

In amazing that praying to the Lord will result in his sending out more laborers. This would be a good prayer for our church – that he would provide more workers.

There is the expectation that there will be opposition – “I am sending you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.” And yet in the midst of that opposition, the Lord will meet their needs. By not taking extra supplies they are to trust that the Lord will cause some people to receive them (and hence the gospel) and that the same people will be used by the Lord to meet their needs. As the seventy-two travel they are to proclaim that the kingdom of God is among people in the coming of Jesus. As they heal the sick, the sense is that they are sharing in the ministry and mission of Jesus – as we are to do as you reflect Jesus.