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1 Samuel 23 – A man of sorrows

1 Samuel 23
After David killed Goliath, it was probably about 15 years before he became king. Those 15 years were not easy. David was driven into the wilderness by Saul he sought to kill him. The wilderness is a hard place to be in of itself let alone when someone is seeking…

1 Samuel 17 – David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17
Whereas Saul was introduced looking for lost donkeys unsuccessfully, David is introduced in 1 Samuel 16 as successfully shepherding the gathered sheep in the fields of Bethlehem. When Samuel is sent to the fields of Bethlehem to anoint a son of Jesse as the future king, he sees David’s older…

1 Samuel 12 – Like the nations

1 Samuel 12
Another child born to a barren woman – Samuel. Hannah cries out to the LORD in prayer for a child. Eli the High Priest is so spiritually blind that he thinks she is crying and muttering not in prayer but in drunkenness. Upon realising her genuine desperation before God, Eli…