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Daily Bible Readings

The daily reading provides a short passage to encourage you to read your bible daily and to help you learn, apply, and grow in it’s teachings and wisdom.

The passages are usually a short portion of the most recent sermon. Listen to the sermon first and then each day read along to refresh your memory of the talk and provide a deeper understanding of the text.

  • Lamentations 3 – Lamenting in Exile

    Lamentations 3
    The book of Lamentations is a collection of five laments in which Israel cry out to God as they experience the judgment of Exile. The images are detailed and often graphic: God turns his hand against me again and again all day long My flesh and skin waste away I…
  • Psalm 137 – By the Waters of Babylon

    Psalm 137
    Psalm 137 is a Psalm written when the Israelites were in exile – that time when it seemed the whole Exodus and thousand years of living in the promised land had become undone. The Psalm speaks of the Israelites as living by the waters of Babylon – foreign and alien…
  • 2 Kings 17 – The Exile

    2 Kings 17
    At the end of the 300-year period of the Divided Kingdom, Israel and Judah have not repented. God brings in the Assyrians and the Babylonians who take the people of Israel and Judah into exile. Most of the people end up as slaves in the area around Ur and Babel…
  • 2 Kings 4 – Elisha (Salvation for the Remnant)

    2 Kings 4
    The names Elijah and Elisha are very similar. But just like Moses and Joshua are kind of a pair so are Elijah and Elisha. Most of Elijah’s ministry was calling out Israel’s sin and pronouncing judgment. Elijah at Mount Sinai was given very specific messages of judgment against Israel but…
  • 1 King 18-19 – Elijah

    1 Kings 18-19
    After the death of Solomon, the kingdom is divided for about 300 years. A particularly evil king in the north was Ahab and his wife Jezebel. During this time Israel was not even pretending to worship Yahweh but rather a foreign god Baal. Into this situation God sends a spokesperson…
  • 1 Kings 10:14-11:10 – Solomon’s Fall

    1 Kings 10:14-11:10
    God had promised David a son (people) who would rule an everlasting kingdom (land) and build a temple (blessing). These promises were realized in David’s son, Solomon. In Solomon’s time the people were as many as the sand by the sea. They ate and drank and were happy. Solomon built…
  • 1 Kings 10 – Realization in Solomon

    1 Kings 10
    God’s promises to David of a son (people) who would rule an everlasting kingdom (land) and build a temple (blessing) are realized in David’s son, Solomon. In 1 Kings 4:20-20 Judah and Israel are as many as the sand by the sea. They ate and drank and were happy. Solomon…
  • 2 Samuel 7 – Promises to David

    2 Samuel 7
    In 2 Samuel 7 David desires to build a house for God (a palace/temple). God’s response is that He will build a house for David (a dynasty). God makes several promises to David which are usually called the Davidic covenant. The Davidic covenant builds upon the Abrahamic covenant and the…
  • 1 Samuel 23 – A man of sorrows

    1 Samuel 23
    After David killed Goliath, it was probably about 15 years before he became king. Those 15 years were not easy. David was driven into the wilderness by Saul he sought to kill him. The wilderness is a hard place to be in of itself let alone when someone is seeking…
  • 1 Samuel 17 – David and Goliath

    1 Samuel 17
    Whereas Saul was introduced looking for lost donkeys unsuccessfully, David is introduced in 1 Samuel 16 as successfully shepherding the gathered sheep in the fields of Bethlehem. When Samuel is sent to the fields of Bethlehem to anoint a son of Jesse as the future king, he sees David’s older…