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Daily Bible Readings

The daily reading provides a short passage to encourage you to read your bible daily and to help you learn, apply, and grow in it’s teachings and wisdom.

The passages are usually a short portion of the most recent sermon. Listen to the sermon first and then each day read along to refresh your memory of the talk and provide a deeper understanding of the text.

  • Acts 28:1-28 – Paul arrives in Rome

    Acts 28:1-28
    The final leg of Paul’s journey to Rome begins with an Alexandrian ship with the twin gods as a figurehead. The twin gods were viewed as protectors of sea travelers, but it is the Lord who has protected Paul. The late arrival of the twin gods to the narrative highlights…
  • Acts 28:1-10 – The Island of Malta

    Acts 28:1-10
    Shipwrecked on the island of Malta, Paul and the survivors are showed unusual kindness. As God had granted Paul favor by the Roman centurion so this theme continues. When Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and put them on the fire, a viper came out because of the heat…
  • Acts 27:1-44 – The Sea Voyage

    Acts 27:1-44
    Why does Luke record such a long-detailed sea voyage to Rome? In the Old Testament the sea was a symbol of chaos, evil and rebellion against God. In Acts 27 the sea seems to be opposed to Paul’s taking the gospel to the ends of the earth (Rome). Note the…
  • Acts 26:9-32 – Before Agrippa (Part 2)

    Acts 26:9-32
    Paul continues his proclamation by recounting his witness of Jesus. He recounts his past opposition to Jesus of Nazareth and of how he sought the death of Jesus’ followers (as had Agrippa’s father). All this changed when on the way to Damascus he encountered a light from heaven, brighter than…
  • Acts 25:23-26:8 – Before Agrippa (Part 1)

    Acts 25:23-26:8
    Acts 25:23 begins Paul’s trial before King Agrippa. Previously Governor Festus had acknowledged Paul’s innocence. Festus also confessed in 25:19-20 his ignorance of the religious issues involving Paul. He knew it had something to do with “a certain Jesus, who was dead, but whom Paul asserted to be alive”. What…
  • Acts 25:1-22 – Paul before Festus – godly living

    Acts 25:1-22
    Once again opponents of Paul seek his life. They request of the new governor, Festus, that Paul be transferred to Jerusalem. They plan to ambush Paul on the way to kill him. Interestingly this time no mention is made of an oath not to eat or drink until the deed…
  • Acts 24:1-27 – Paul before Felix – a resurrection and a coming judgment

    Acts 24:1-27
    Paul is summoned before Governor Felix. Paul’s Jewish opposition who oppose the notion that God is for the Gentiles as well as the Jews ironically hire a Gentile Lawyer to further their interests before the governor. Tertullus refers to Paul as “a plague” who causes trouble throughout the world by…
  • Acts 23:12-35 – The God of Providence and of Armies

    Acts 23:12-35
    This passage links with the previous passage by continuing the characterization of Paul’s Jewish opponents as being zealous for the law of Moses. The problem is not their zeal for obeying the word of God without compromising. The problem is that their zeal has become misguided. Without the knowledge of…
  • Acts 22:24-23:11 – Paul before the Council

    Acts 22:24-23:11
    Following the murderous behavior of the Jewish crowd toward Paul, the Roman tribune intended to question Paul by flogging. Paul avoided this by referring to his Roman citizenship which did not allow a Roman citizen to be flogged in this manner. Is this a case of Paul, who was willing…
  • Acts 21:27-22:29 – Paul is arrested in the Temple

    Acts 21:27-22:29
    Jews from Asia where Paul had proclaimed the gospel cause a riot in the temple which results in Paul being seized. If it had not been for the intervention of a Roman tribune Paul may very well have been killed. The riot is caused by the Jews from Asia who…